Guardians of the Omniverse

The Guardians of the Omniverse are the ones who keep the balance of the Omniverse, (fulfilling the will of the Maker and the Trinity). They can be classified in seven different types/classes, each with three different levels, depending on their abilities, skills…:


  • Linker
  • Sentinel
  • Shadow
  • Sage
  • Fixer
  • Keeper
  • Warden



Third class Linkers have the ability to create telepathic links, and to change their appearance at will. Second class Linkers have the ability to duplicate themselves with each duplicate being independent from another, and to link themselves with objects. First class Linkers can fuse themselves with living beings, and also turn themselves into wearable armours for other Guardians to use. (There are only three first class Linkers)



They are most common type among the Guardians. Third class Sentinels



As the name indicates they are the shadow among the light. Third class Shadows have extreme agility and speed; they can easily dodge any attack and take down their targets easily. Second class Shadows can turn themselves into smoke, dust, mist, and disappear, they also can pass through walls and other solid objects. First class Shadows can render themselves invisible and can virtually pass any object and living being.



Sages are the peacemakers often using diplomacy to solve problems. Third class Sages



They are the repair people of the Guardians. Third class Fixers can repair any object. Second class Fixers can heal any existing injury of any living being. First class Fixers can repair complete cities, towns, areas… to their original state.



Keepers have only one class, they are in charge of keeping the balance of the Omniverse, thus being the most powerful among all Guardians. (Only 71 keepers exist: the members of the Unit 101)



As with the Keepers, there is only one Warden class; wardens are in charge of protecting the secrets of the Guardians, as well as hunting down all rogue Guardians. (There is one Warden for each existing macroverse, megaverse, multiverse, multi-multiverse…; and one for each single continuity, universe, reality, realm, dimension, timeline… that doesn’t belong to a multiverse, megaverse, macroverse, or multi-multiverse…except for the Forbidden universe that has none, and the Nexus universe that has two.)