Die gejagte Jägerin: Zero CHAPTER 1 (English)

The team walked towards the site, where their teammates were supposed to meet them.
The new team which was composed by members of the Guard, had been sent by the UKM to retrieve the item the team Ite was member of had recovered. They’ve also been sent due to one of Ite’s team members had activated the emergency beacon.
As soon as the new team arrived to the base, they witnessed with horror that the place had been destroyed; blood trails and the damage of a fight could be seen. As they searched the place one of them spotted Ite, calmly sleeping.
Since no one knew the real identity of the person codenamed 「Shuryō Meijin」 (Hunting Master) nor the identity of Ite, they thought Ite was a homeless person who had taken refuge in the base.

“Sir, we found someone” said one of the soldiers, “but, he doesn’t looks like one of ours, perhaps a homeless one that may have taken refuge here.”

The captain paused for a moment, and then said “bring him!”

Some of the soldiers then went where Ite was sleeping, but Ite was no longer there, Ite had already waked up and had gone to where the kitchen previously was. The three female members of the team who had been given the task to set up the new camp spotted Ite rummaging the remains of the kitchen, and walked there.

“Hello, young one” said one of them, Ite didn’t pay attention and continued digging through the trash. The second soldier, and the third soldier also said hello, but Ite ignored them too.
Having found a pack of cookies Ite proceeded to eat them, sitting on the only chair left, it was then when Ite saw the three soldiers. Ite finished eating the first cookie, took three out of the package and offered them to the soldiers who accepted them.

Meanwhile the other soldiers not being able to find Ite returned to where their captain was
“Sir, we couldn’t find him”
“Two of you keep searching and three go to the town and make a reconnaissance, the rest come with me and let’s help the ladies finishing setting up the base.”

The captain saw the three girls and Ite laughing and approached them; the three of them stood up, while Ite continued eating.

“Hey you cannot live here, you must leave”
“Why not? No one has lived here for about 3 months. Well, no one except me.”
“This is private property”
“Private property? Are you related to the guys who got killed around three months ago?”
The captain made a pause, taken by surprise Ite knew about what had happened
“How do you know about it? Tell me now!”
“I will, just don’t shout. One day I was walking somewhere near here when I heard the noise of war and smelled the smell of blood, so I approached keeping a safe distance, and witnessed everything with my spyglass. It was really gory and gruesome. I didn’t know these guys were staying here, so when I was looking for a refuge I decided to set in here.”
“Anything else you might know?”
“Nope, nothing else; and since you don’t want me here, let me take my stuff, and I’ll leave you alone….but beware, be careful with who you deal with and where you go.
Ite then went to pick up the stuff, including the weapon which Ite always carried wrapped, and then left the base.

“Captain, you shouldn’t have told him to leave” said one of the female soldiers.
“Poor thing, living on its own for more than three months, I wonder if will be able to find a new home after you took his” added other soldier.
“We should have let him live with us, it seems he knows this place better than us, and we need allies, not enemies if we want to retrieve the object,” finished the third female soldier.

The captain reflexed on his harsh words, and realized his mistake. He ordered to find Ite, but Ite had already disappeared.

“Sorry, but he's already gone.”

By then the team had finished the base.

Ite, on the other hand, had gone to the lake nearby and dived entering an underground cave which entrance was located underwater in the lake, and set up a new base there.

Ite looked at the locket the princess had given Ite some time ago.