Die gejagte Jägerin: Zero PROLOGUE (English)

Die gejagte Jägerin


Ite Ryōshi walked silently among the other guests who seemed to be enjoying the party. Unknown to them, Ite wasn’t from their world, Ite had come from another reality, dimension, universe, timeline, Ite was there for a mission.
Ite was a member of a transdimensiochronological ISTAR (special reconnaissance, surveillance, sousveillance…) special mission unit tasked with discrete gathering and providing intelligence to allied units.

As Ite walked inside the castle where the Royal Family of the place Ite had been sent to was hosting the party Ite came across a room where the Alchemist, Sorcerer, or Magician of the family kept its potions. Making sure no one was following and watching her, Ite entered the room, where Ite took a manuscript, a book, a potion, and some pills, hiding them in a bag. Ite then proceeded to exit the room, but not without planting some explosives to cover the robbery.

Knowing Ite might be followed, Ite drank the potion which changed the appearance. As Ite rushed towards the exit, Ite stumbled across the princess, the only daughter of the King and the Queen, and the future queen of the kingdom.
The princess looked at Ite who still was under the effects of the shapeshifting potion and instantly had a crush on her. Ite looking that the princess was blushing offered her one of the “candies” Ite had stolen from the laboratory. The princess ate it without hesitation and suddenly without warning she kissed Ite, who before having timing to realize was happening found herself in the princess private room. Ite then realized that the pills Ite had stolen had something that increased the carnal desires of those who took them.
Not being sure how much time Ite had left, Ite decided to enjoy some time with the princess.

Later, Ite decided to leave before the effects of the potion ran away. Ite kissed in the forehead the princess, who was sleeping for being tired after many rounds of copulation. Ite then took the item Ite had been looking for, and left the room, making sure no one knew Ite had left.

Ite left the castle by jumping from one of the windows. Two minutes after leaving Ite turned back into a girl, and continued walking to the safehouse, hideout, from where Ite saw the fireworks result of the explosives Ite had planted.